More than 1,000 new cases of Coronavirus every day in Florida since Tuesday.

Thinking on this I can suggest 3 reasons for it.

  • 1, The demonstrations taking place, with crowds exceeding the 50 people limit.
  • 2. People were social distancing, and wearing masks, but I am seeing less of this, as the weeks turn into months.
  • 3. Although stage 2 only started on Friday, we knew about it earlier in the week, and people were thinking that it was okay to be out, and about more.

Quite possibly it could be all 3 of these. All I know is that it is worrying for everyone, and I am hoping they will take notice of these numbers.

What do you think?


  1. I think that the virus is doing what viruses do. Those of us who are more vulnerable need to continue to stay at home as much as possible, avoid public places and wear a mask when we go out. I’m still doing grocery pick up and most going out otherwise.

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  2. Texas is in bad shape, too. Protest, yes, but I also sense that people are starting to let guard down. Here in Colorado we were close to only 200 new cases yesterday. I think we were over 300 last week. Yes, we’re much smaller but I’m just keeping fingers crossed.

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  3. I think there’s no way we can have so many protests with so many people without our virus numbers rising. And I think that people letting their guard down in other social situations also contributes to is. Also, is testing still going up? It is here…anyone in St. Louis can go to an urgent care and get a Covid test. That’s going to make the numbers go up too. It’s probably a combination of all of it.

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  4. If there is an increase in testing, then increases in cases are inevitable. Also, time to show positive can take two weeks after exposure, possibly more.

    The next two weeks, if testing doesn’t increase, should show if the gatherings and protest cause and increase. There is also speculation that this Natural Experiment, i.e, protest gatherings, as it is being called, could show that cases do not increase when there is close contact outdoors.

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  5. Wild unprotected gathering…partying…finally!… resurgence. Every. Time. It’s pretty clear too politically bunker crybaby but smart actually orange headed soul set a standard by example not entering a wildly gathered spot. Thus, though it’s noble to want black lives to matter or social justice… A hallmark of the blue liberal… Yet watch more heatcome of that sentiment appear as those who did quarantine have 2 more period sets to go because of idiots when yes we were told so too. But! We are one week more advanced than 100 years ago! Woo hoo!

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  6. I think that gathering for protest or otherwise and a letting down of the guard as well as people just being fed up with the whole thing and getting over confident( I havent had it yet so I’m not going to get it). The virus is a survivor so stay safe Susie!

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  7. Any insight is only that which I’ve gleaned from many years married a CDC epidemiologist (now retired). One thing that has happened recently is that there are a number of ways of interpreting data and even more in reporting it. This is why we see Johns Hopkins reporting rates different than reported by CDC, for instance.

    Stay safe down there.

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  8. It is all very worrying in that people think because we are opening, things are going back to normal. We are not anywhere near normal. The mass gatherings will create spikes everywhere. Also, in watching the numbers, I notice a disturbing trend in lower numers on the weekend, likely because no or fewer MEs are working. We need honest reporting to minimize surprises. Stay well. Allan

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  9. It’s crazy here in FL, isn’t it? The bars opened at 12:01am on Saturday. They could only stay open until 2am, but people packed into them for 2 hours. Wow. So drinking at home wasn’t good enough? I don’t get it. Stay safe, Susie. I don’t go anywhere without my mask.

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  10. Florida opened before Covid-19 was under control. The state has passed the previous peak and is climbing. Same for Texas. This increase is tied to the ill conceived opening, as it is too soon for the effect of the protests to be evident…there will be an effect. Apparently Gov. Scott is OK with the hospitals to be overtaxed and the death rate climb.

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