Starting up my boxing class again for senior ladies.

There has been a few reasons why I was unable to start up our small group of basic boxing training.

  • Obviously Coronavirus. We had to stay home, and that is when I offered one on one air boxing.
  • My fractured wrist. I really didn’t want to do anything to slow down the healing process.
  • The classes began this week at the gym, and hubby’s Silver Sneakers are a must. I had to get his schedule first.
  • The Martial Arts gym we use, isn’t as close to me, when it moved, so it’s a special journey there, and back. Hubby doesn’t come with me, so I knew that I would have to pick a day he didn’t have a class, and go early. This would allow me enough time to get back, and take him to the gym.

My ‘yellow peril’ that I haven’t used in almost 14 weeks.

We finally have a date. This Thursday at 10 a.m. If the ladies can get their wraps, and gloves on, we can do a warm up, and start at 10.10. We do around 30 minutes. By the time everyone has their wraps, and gloves off, hopefully we will be out by 10.50. This meas I can pick hubby up around 11.05, to drive to the next gym.

I love my volunteering, but hubby comes first.


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