bereavedandbeingasingleparent you can now have a SUPPORT BUBBLE.

I am pleased to write to my good friend on WordPress, who lives in England, you and your son are not alone. You can now have a Support Bubble.

With your humour I can see you both in a bubble, and someone trying to burst it. Well, the Prime Minister certainly came up with something different. I dread to think of a name for the next thing that comes out of his mouth.

I know this is a very serious time, and we have to obey rules, but come on, a bubble. Surely a child could have thought of something better.


  1. I agree. My granddaughters boyfriend for 5 years lives on his own, and being single he will be able to join their social bubble. I just had to tease my friend. You need to read his last post ‘bouncing’. He is nutty.


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