Fantastic pizza but……

Hubby has Domino’s pizza once a month as a treat. I wait for the offer, 2 medium pizzas with 2 topping for $5.99 each. I use my cell phone, and they always say my name. This time the guy said a totally different phone number from mine. I said that is not mine, and gave him my number several times.

I said I wanted to order my regular order, then they tell me what it is, and I say Yes. Not this guy, so I said slowly and clearly, I would like your special offer of 2 medium pizzas at $5.99 each. I would like them both hand tossed crust, one pepperoni, and sausage, and the other pepperoni, and ham. He asked me whether I wanted small, medium, or large. I said the offer is for medium. He said you want one pizza, and I said No, 2; He asked me again what I wanted, and I kept repeating myself. I hoped, and prayed that he got it right. I told him I would be picking up in 15 minutes, as I was just finishing up a big food shopping trip. I was on the phone in the supermarket for 11 minutes.

After checking out at the store, I drove to pick up my pizzas. The guy I have known forever was there. He called me by name, and asked if I was picking up. There was no order for me. They found an order for Laura, for what I wanted, with the phone number he had originally suggested was mine. The lady there said, that it was my order, so it was brought over. I said, did you want paying for it, because I am so honest. I think that the mix up was so bad, they didn’t even know if it had been paid for. I paid, and told the gentleman I know, all that had happened. I didn’t leave a tip.

I thought that they might have discounted for me with all the problems, but that didn’t happen. The good news was, it tasted amazing, and I am not a pizza lover.


  1. I’m guessing you’re the pepperoni/ham request? 😁.
    I just hit my medication always wait a day! Return, filled. Bummer but cheapest pharmacy… The list gotten misses the keystone of my health, calcitriol…so yet another visit coming. Then I can catch any bus at the stop just outside and I’m dead in middle between all busses and the one I need…. …. …. However that there’s shade and this stop was an adventure ride so as to physically check the closest bus that way 7 north south blocks from location through a car wash that’s popular and Costco parking lot death trap…to the shelf I want at sportsman’s Warehouse was empty…the whole point of this trip.!. Caught mom right after so I got to go to home Depot for two five gallon buckets. Oddly they had a close cheep enough light metal fits buckets shovel but the two buckets handle doesn’t wanna play convenient. At the sportsman’s place…nice to consider. So I’m only awaiting the obvious more money as I already know the story in life ordering it’s a few cents more than the price I got… Why court failure? And I hit del taco for of all things? A burger combo. It lists four bucks on the board and seven dollars ninety six cents at the window. Or so you understand I understand something this simple as having to grumble at the not the experience I expected…. Believe me I get it. The burger comes minus any condiments…another fail.

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  2. Minor glitch here, I’m not actually talking. I’m ordering through not just an interpreting reader, I’m ordering through my mom….who gets annoyed and confused with too many words….and doesn’t like being shown less than perfect attention to details….or error. 😉 I’m legally blind eliminating me reading most menus…sitting an extra critical four feet further away.

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