Upping my endurance workouts.

It is now getting really frustrating not being able to do boxing, and weight machines. Yes, I am using a 3 lb. weight in my left hand, with a good wrap around my wrist.

Today hubby had his Silver Sneakers class, so I spent an hour and a half at the gym. I was actually dancing, and squatting on the upside down Bosu ball, for something different, as well as the light weights.

When I went on the stair stepper, I did my own version of a HIIT workout. I started on level 2 for a minute, up to level 6, for 2 minutes, back to level 2, up to level 7, where my heart rate rose to 165, and back to 2.

When I first started I believe it was 5 minutes, and managed 12 flights of stairs. I have been increasing, and my previous one was 12 minutes. Today it was 15 minutes, and I achieved 42 flights of steps.

I can’t wait to change it up again, but my wrist will tell me when the time is right.



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