Daily walk photo #80

When I saw this beautiful photo my sister in law took, in England, I just had to share it with you.


  1. Beautiful picture indeed, what also amazes me is that this is in England…. it´s always raining over there so how did the flower blossom? Just my weird thought, a beautiful scenary

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  2. In England? Hard to believe that much heat and not water dropping down, although the weather even here in Spain is going a bit nuts, you got heat and suddenly in the afternoon is pouring rain and cold, and it should be summer…… I guess it is true the climate change, yet again climate has been drastically changing through history. My problem is that I don´t know if I should put the “worm” weather clothes out and put in the shorts and the rest of comfy clothes for hot weather since it is constantly changing, It gets me confuse, I find myself putting into the closet all the worm clothes and next day I´m freezing so back again to the damn closet to take out the clothes, they should film me doing that process, I´m cursing outloud, I have no idea were I put this jersey or that one here or there, it´s pretty commical

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