The Eagles last night.

We went into the club with our masks on. Several tables had been taken out for social distancing. We were the only 2 with masks on.

We sat at a table, and a friend who works in a nursing home, sat with us. Others wanted to join us, but I insisted on having an empty seat either side of us, to maintain distance. We did a few dances, but the dance floor wasn’t busy at all. If anyone got anywhere near me, I moved away from them.

I had one person try to get close at our table, and I put my mask up to my face, and she didn’t come any nearer to me.

I really enjoyed the music for an hour or so, and it was great seeing friends at a distance. As long as I can do that, we will go. If it gets more crowded, then I will leave.


  1. social distancing inside is hard. I was invited a party next weekend (for her dog!). Not anyone I know besides host. Over 10 people had RSVP yes and I assume some might bring a partner. So I changed my RSVP to a no. My son’s birthday is this coming week and we’ll be getting together with him. As he’s diabetic I am very very careful who I socialize with. This party is in a small back yard so it’s a good idea. I would go if at park

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