Zumba, gym, and Burger King.

Hubby got to watch the lead up to the Premier League starting, on television, this morning, while I did the online Zumba class. I also got to talk to my daughter; on the phone, in England. She brought me up on all the news. We had a quick snack, and then went to one of the two gyms we use.

I did around 40 minutes of light hand weights, on my favorite Bosu Ball, and then went to Burger King. We were not hungry, but they had 8 chicken nuggets for $1, so I got them for hubby. He had a diet coke, his monthly treat, and I had a decaf coffee. They also had their ice creams for $1, and it was too tempting to not have. They are twice the size of the McDonald’s ones.

We were the only ones in the restaurant, but 2 of their employees that we have known for years were working. I said that it almost felt like being back to ‘normal’.



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