6 cars in the parking lot at the gym.

I have had comments about going out so much, with the pandemic on, but I feel safer there than in supermarkets. We have our temperature taken, there is hand sanitizer on the front desk. Cleaning stations all over the gym, and everyone is wiping down after using anything.

I am only using the Bosu ball to stand on, and I saturate the brown paper, and wipe down my hand weights. If I do the stair stepper I wipe the sides, the handles, and the display screen.

I have my mask on if anyone is around, which rarely happens, as so few are attending.

Before we leave I clean the gloves I wear with the sanitizing spray, and smother my hands in the sanitizer. I take every precaution possible wherever I go.

We went to the gym for an hour today, and then came home, and did a 50 minute online Zumba class.



  1. I think you are good with all the precautions! It’s so good not only for your body to get to the gym, it’s also great for your mental health! 😃❤️

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