Great morning at the gym.

I did my 45 minute Zumba class, which was most enjoyable. Only 8 were in the class, so we had 12 feet or more between us.

Then hubby went into his Silver Sneaker’s class. I did a little of hand weights on the Bosu ball, but wanted to change it up a bit.

I decided to try these 4 arm machines. I had my gloves on with wrist wraps. I did 12 – 15 on each one. I did 10 lb. on 2 of them, 15 lb. on another, and the push down one 20 lb. 10 lb. on that one was like pushing air. That was it, no more reps on them, just the one time on each, to get me started. I had no pain in my left wrist, so I have achieved another baby step towards boxing, and lifting.

Hubby did really well in his class, and I am so proud of hime.


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