2 biopsies taken at the dermatologist.

Hubby and I go to the dermatologist every 6 months for skin cancer checks. This time last year I had the major surgery on the upper lip, going right up to my nose. 6 months ago they did a biopsy, and I had to go back for a further check.

Today they wanted to put us in separate rooms, I said we are husband and wife, and always go in together. They told us we couldn’t. When I was taken into the other room, I told the girl that my husband doesn’t remember to tell me anything about his visit, if I am not in the room. I told her that I needed to be there. In the end they let me go in with him.

I was the one that they found 2 suspicious marks on my skin, so had to have injections, and biopsies taken. Hubby just had a few places frozen.

Now I play the waiting game to see if they are benign or whether I have to go back for surgery.



  1. You sound like my mother, I´m sure your “hubby ” is fine, glad you take care of him and you?…. Well you are a strong woman so don´t worry too much about the lip thing, take care of it obviously but don´t think about it. Have a great day

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  2. I know all about skin cancer, actually about all cancers having lived that experience with my mother. Skin cancer is the least ( I do know is not a joke and that you must be preocupied but from a stand point of bad to worst it is one of the least bad type of cancers. I have a friend that has it, he is 80 and going to be 100 so you are good, don´t think about it much. You´re good to go, woman!

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