Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t worried about rising covid-19 cases.

Every day our numbers in Florida are rising, but the Governor, puts it down to more testing, prisons, and nursing homes.

People are saying that this is the second wave, but it is a combination of manly things going on. Not just Florida, but anywhere in the world, please social distance, and wear masks. This is what we do, and it has been paid off so far.

Photo: Pixabay


  1. As Floridians die in droves our Republican Governor and the President continue to flaut the virus by not wearing masks and lying. Desantis has his lips firmly planet on trumps behind and ignores dealing with this virus. Florida is on Fire Gov.

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  2. There is no win with this pandemic. Wishing for reopening brings the chance for increase infection. Staying restricted, like where I live, is killing business and driving up unemployment to staggering numbers. Florida relies on tourism – keeping it closed is a problem. An even bigger problem is the comment above pointing fingers and blaming “Republicans”. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I live in a Democrat state and things here are much worse – COVID and economics.

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  3. I’m sure you heard about the women ((16 of them) who tested positive in J-ville after one night out at a bar. So stupid. People need to make smart choices. Fortunately none of them appear to be in serious (hospitalized) condition

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  4. I have been considering a trip to Destin. I figure in my own condo it’s a controlled environment, I can make our meals there and just be outside at the beach and pool. On the other hand, it terrifies me to leave our area where we’ve only had 49 confirmed cases. The only thing that will stop it is mass testing and mandatory isolation, but no one is stepping up to do that.

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  5. I have heard that we are still in the first wave and have not yet reached the second. I see a lot of people in my village not wearing their masks and it worries me, especially since there are reported cases in the area. People might be impatient for corona to be over, but the virus won’t be rushed.

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  6. I do not think this is the 2nd wave, but a second spike in the first wave. The second wave will hit during flu season later this year. As they say the Lord helps those who help themselves. If we want to be safe, we must take our own action to keep ourselves safe. Stay safe Susie. Allan

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  7. Well it is a tough one to know how to reopen without a rise in numbers. But blaming it on testing and prisons seems odd. As for tourists there will be very few Canadians in FL this coming winter because we cannot get travel medical insurance that will cover Covid if we go to the US. Sad.😥

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  8. It’s An Issue of Empathy
    Some Folks Really Wanna
    Save Lives And Others
    Just Don’t Care if Any
    Comes… If Folks
    Really were ‘Pro
    Life’ They’d ‘Vote
    Masks’ but that’s
    A Same Lie ‘They’
    Use when ‘We’
    Say God
    Is Love
    And Don’t
    Care If An
    Innocent Must
    Go Die Now to Save
    A Bit of inconvenience…
    For Some
    No Lives
    REALLY Matter…
    As Long as They
    Gets Their Way
    And Or Are
    NumBers Don’t Lie..
    I’ve Seen this Ignorance
    60 Years it’s Still Living
    As Zombies
    Eat Each Other….

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  9. Our leaders who are suppose keep us safe are misleading people. COvID19 is here and rising. Our leaders telling us it’s part of first Surge is false as well. New cases are emerging both in the unaffected and previously affected states . Denial, ignorance, hiding the truth, defiance will cause lives. I follow the numbers via John Hopkins University Tracker and the figures are scary. No one talks about people dying in thousands everyday . U.S.A. is roughly 1,000 deaths per day. It only takes 2-3 weeks to die from COvID from start of symptoms. The test may be showing more positives but had nothing to do with people going to clinics and hospitals because they are having Flu like symptoms of COVID. There should be no flu in Summer which means any flu now is highly from COVID. We need to be vigilant even more. I believe more people actually knows what’s happening and will not endanger themselves or their families just because leaders says, “Go & jump, it’s all fine! “ Thanks for the feedback and stay safe.


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