No Daily Walk photo today.

I have had such a busy day today, that I need to do some reading here.

This morning I did my 10 a.m. boxing with my ladies. Came home and got hubby, and then to the gym. Back home, and phoned to confirm a much better price for my car insurance coupled with my homeowners. Before I confirmed it for today, I asked if the other 2 companies would let me cancel today without any problems, and the answer came back, that they have to.

I phoned both agents, and had to leave a message for each one. I then put the laundry on.

I went for a walk in the local mall with my girlfriend, and a Starbucks coffee. The first since lock down started.

When I got home I phoned the first insurance agent, and she asked why I hadn’t got a new quote from her. I told her that when I renewed last month, I asked her to check for a better price. She didn’t come up with one. I had to give her the name of the company, my policy number, so I forwarded all the emails to her. Later this afternoon I got a document to sign electronically, so that was completed. I then called the second one, as she hadn’t got back to me. No answer, so I phoned head office. They told me that I could send them a letter via email, and explained how too. I was able to type up my letter, print it, and sign it, and then send it over to her.

My laundry is done. We have eaten dinner, and I have just completed an hour of Zumba. Time to put my feet up.


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