2 Premier league matches today, and 4 tomorrow.

With the stadiums being empty, we are being treated to lots of football matches.

Hubby got to see Southampton beat Norwich 3 – 0, while I was getting his prescriptions, and food shopping.

I was back to watch Spurs take the lead against Man Utd. Being a southern girl I was happy to see a London team in the lead.

A foul in the penalty area gave United a chance to equalize. This they did. It always amazes me how many penalties they get.

Not complaining. A draw was a good result.

The players were social distancing as best they could. It was fist bumps instead of hugs.

I am not mentioning that Arsenal are playing again tomorrow, after their appalling match on Wednesday.


  1. I do know that when I was living as a kid in the U.S soccer they called it a bunch of pussies really, not with those words obviously but it was implied. I you didn´t play American Football you were nothing, I accidently got in the senior team, I guess the coaches figured to put that crazy spaniard as an “inside linebacker” if I remember correctly the terminology, these coaches just said put the crazy Spanish guy there and let him hit whatever comes. What a game by the way, all the different plays you have to learn, learn about the other team you´re going to play against, just all the angles. And me? Just literally stumbled upon that, hope your Hubby is doing good and living his life as best he can.

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  2. The English, European, and the rest of the world think football (soccer) is a fast and exciting game. To me American football is all time outs, and never ends


  3. I also played baseball, that was me sitting on a bench pretty much through 6 hours, always eating “pipas” in Spanish forgot about the name in English, go up to the first base and hit the damn ball. Since a kid I played tennis so eye hand cordination was pretty good. Great stories about that part of life, point being that if you think American football is all time out, holy go figure with the baseball thing. I spent hours and hours just standing waiting for a ball to come to me, I played in the outfield, so you can imagine the boredem, just standing, then kneeling, wondering if the other guy is going to hit it twoards my position since I was so board, plus not cool the where I was, plus the little flies attacking you, I just wanted to move grabe the baseball and throw it to somones head.


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