Is Coronavirus going down, or spiking where you live?

Here in Florida we are spiking, and to me it looks like all age groups are affected. At the gym we were asked to wear masks. Hubby and I always do. There were some people saying that they will not wear one. We shall see how that turns out.

In supermarkets, restaurants, and the mall I would say only approximately a quarter of the people are wearing them.

Lets go around the world with this, and leave a comment – Your country with Up or Down. I will then do a follow up post.

Please stay safe.


  1. Glad to see Santis Acknowledging That the
    COVID-19 Spike in Florida is Real And Not Just A Trump
    Conspiracy Theory that
    Testing And Science
    Are All Responsible
    For his Narcissistic
    Woes perhaps
    Santis has
    Decided He’s
    Not All in For the
    Trump Train Wreck
    The Entire Globe is
    Watching For the
    Trump Sponsored
    Man Show
    Hopefully the
    Globe Will gain
    A Lesson For Balance
    Now that it’s seen
    Of Living
    Breathing Hell
    That may Get Deeper
    Before Trump’s
    Party on
    November 3rd
    Sponsored By
    We The Americans..:)

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  2. It’s not looking good here in California. San Diego County is not doing too badly at the moment, but we’re surrounded by counties (Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial) that are having serious trouble, so it’s probably only matter of time before it starts spiking here too.

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