Is Coronavirus going down, or spiking where you live?

Here in Florida we are spiking, and to me it looks like all age groups are affected. At the gym we were asked to wear masks. Hubby and I always do. There were some people saying that they will not wear one. We shall see how that turns out.

In supermarkets, restaurants, and the mall I would say only approximately a quarter of the people are wearing them.

Lets go around the world with this, and leave a comment – Your country with Up or Down. I will then do a follow up post.

Please stay safe.


  1. We are spiking too though I knew it would as we are also a vacation destination. Here at Lake Of the Ozarks Missouri, 4.7 million people from all over, flood our area and from much more affected states. They’ve come here and ignored social distancing as you may have seen on national news coverage of crowded lakeside bars with outside pools etc. Some of them were in fact infected.
    Not only state numbers going up but our particular area here at the lake are now climbing too.

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  2. Generally speaking we’re going down. We see some micro spikes here and there but the numbers have been below 200, that is new cases for a couple weeks now. In my local Safeway pretty much everyone wears a mask. And Whole Foods definitely everyone wears a mask. The last three times I went to Safeway I have seen one couple or one person on each visit not wearing a mask. They stand out like a sore thumb.

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  3. Going down in North Wales, although we had a bit of a setback in recent days with a spike at a chicken processing plant on the island of Anglesey. They’ve closed the factory for two weeks, so hopefully it will be contained.

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  4. Down in general, especially as people are about to get out in the sun and the open and make their immune systems stronger.

    The spikes we are seeing are centered around nursing homes, the elderly and infirm, and immune compromised people who refuse to self-quarantine.

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  5. We still have new cases everyday. I try to talk to people I know to wear their masks, but the question you’ll hear them ask is, ‘have you ever seen anyone who is sick with this virus near to you?’ Actually, I’ve not seen but that doesn’t rule out that the dangerous virus is out there around us.

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  6. I don’t think that the current spiking in Florida is a bad thing as it is most prevalent t in younger,healthy people who overall aren’t becoming seriously ill. My feelings on mask are to each his own.


  7. Sweden is stable but critical. The authorities never decided on a lockdown, and the Swedish death rate [per capita] is 5th highest in the world [excluding micro-states], and still rising faster than most of the [only 4] countries above us. Meaning in that regard [death rate per capita] we are currently one of the worst places in the world. Though, it has evened out and is gradually falling. Still, all in all Sweden has had a very sub-par response that has cost the lives of thousands of people. Very few tests are also being done [we are currently #56 globally, including micro-states however].

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  8. I forgot to mention: The government refuses to advice the population to wear masks, and if you try to suggest one should do so – you are ignored at best, and mocked at worst.

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  9. @Florence. I’d say yes I have. My son’s 21 year old friend. 3 weeks in hospital. I get tired of elected officials saying “oh it’s primarily people in nursing homes!” Like it’s okay that older people die. My aunt lives in a senior living center (private apt. with assisted care if needed). I’ve heard that in some areas they’re allowing family to do outdoor visits to elderly now. But during height of pandemic no one could visit her – they did “window” visits. Terrible

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  10. We had it under control in our part of Canada, until things started to open back up. As soon as lockdown was relaxed there were a few large neighbourhood gatherings, then the protests for George Floyd and finally a few more outbreaks in elder care facilities. It would seem that people thought everything was back to normal and did not listen to the advice to maintain physical distance and avoid large gatherings. We wear our masks when we go into any store. One store nearby has about 66% compliance, butt he cheaper store down the hill has about 25% compliance. Seems it is mostly the young who think they should not have to wear masks. The majority of new cases now seem to be in the under 40 group with 20-29 being the highest incidence. We are just keeping to ourselves or maintaining distance. That is all we can do to stay safe. We can not influence others. Stay well Susie. Allan

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  11. Ontario. We have had a decline with 175 new cases Sunday ,fewer people in hospital, and most places outside of the city of Toronto are now into a Stage 2 re-opening. But in Toronto and also the city of Hamilton to the west have had spikes in young people in their 20s. I suspect they did not take precautions and thought they were invincible . We always wear masks when in stores and sanitize when we get out of the stores. For the most part Canadians do what they are told and trust their government. Not everyone of course but the majority.

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  12. Ontario Canada here and it’s as Anne noted above. That said in my local rural area there are currently 2 cases but in total (those included) there’s only been 18 over the whole time so we’ve not been any kind of hot spot for contagion.

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  13. Oh yes, here too! We are swamped with tourist/vacationers.
    Although, my hubs brought up a very good point. He says that it actually isn’t spiking at all. It’s always been this bad, we simply did not have the initial resources for wide spread testing. And, this is true to a great degree. Until recently, our area was sent notifications from every hospital and medical system anywhere near our area letting us know that testing had to be prioritized. 1. Health care workers first and foremost as they were essential to everyone’s care following only those who not only display symptoms and but were sick enough to need hospitalization as health care workers needed to know what they were treating.
    So, it is possible that we aren’t spiking at all. That because of more available testing, we are seeing what we actually had all along?

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  14. We’re down in Canada; currently in various stages of reopening. Toronto is still in phase 1 of reopening, one of three cities left in phase 1. We find out today if we can move into phase 2 but we carry the bulk of new cases.

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  15. That’s great! Here we sadly even have multiple cases where people have been turned away while calling the ER [after being told they don’t have Covid-19], and have died as a consequence. Stay safe!

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