Free 6 meter folding tent.

I don’t do a lot of reviews now. I found it too time consuming, making videos, taking photos, and writing at least 300 words. However, I am still in lots of group for discounted products.

We have bought 2 of the heaviest umbrella stands, and a 9 ft. umbrella. We have one of the bases on top of the other one, and when the wind gets up, it has gone over.

Today I was flicking through discounted products, and found this tent with an 80% coupon. I also use my Amazon credit card, which gives me 5% back on all my orders. I had enough points from my rewards that a $149.99 after the discount of $119.99, was free.

I am not going to say it will work as a sunshade for our back garden, but all I will have lost is my reward points. The free shipping takes approximate a month, so I will let you know once it has arrived.


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