Gov. Ron DeSantis won’t implement facemasks when you are in a business.

Both Hillsborough (Tampa area) and Pinellas (Clearwater/St Pete’s area) has in place that facemasks must be used when in a business.

I think this is a good idea, as our numbers are rising, especially in the 20 – 35 age group. They rarely social distance, so at least when talking, sneezing, coughing, they can protect others, if they have or carry the covid-19 virus.

I make sure that I keep as far apart as I can from this age group. Most seniors seem to be a lot more careful.


  1. Pres Trump has failed And his puppet Ron DeSantis will not do anything not Trump approved to fight the virus…a man who will not wear a mask , of course he is being ckd daily along with all who come in contact with him as he holds huge gatherings where masks are discouraged). Meanwhile the Covid sick and dying numbers continue to tick upward in Florida and other Republican run states.


  2. I can’t take the bus without a mask here in Denver. I feel a royal … biblical donkey…. If I even think of entering a grocery without a mask…and in most instances can not as it’s checked. My one near fifty r/m daily goes protesting as it’s his calling from above….I roll my eyes to above..dude I visit a hospital setting 3 times a week and mask up but more importantly limit exposure!…big help this, you visiting the nearest ten thousand chances, this isn’t. The couch surfer of a month back finally isn’t mooning around as he too can’t go missing this…action… Certain of us are moths to a flame. Previous institution co-workers one got it. One nurse pal has a delightful box of margaritas makings yet he too can get it or spread it so I got to buy my own dang it. Simple stuff…without overly offering up the politico to their Appian way…some idiots count on or encourage risk saying rather unchurchy like this or that forget safe show up and give 💰 then go social blah me first! As if their kids would get away with such selfish… Some are in fact collapsing at this ongoing not quick gone situation but couldn’t survive this and another regular flu season or March through November no zero income generation….only to slow start then if we all would’ve.

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  3. Not sure what the hesitancy is for leaders to mandate masks. Reelection? Same issue here with our Premier. Recommended, but, you don’t have to. Stay well. Allan


  4. Trump Trying to Defund Healthcare And Testing
    During A Pandemic…
    DeSantis Admitting
    A Spike in Cases
    Not Requiring
    Masks at what
    Price.. Lives…
    Perhaps if the
    Numbers of Dead
    Pile up to Hitler
    Numbers more
    People Will
    Call It
    What It is
    And Reckless
    Genocide of those
    Most Vulnerable Now

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