Florida bars are banned from selling alcohol as the Covid-19 figures continue to rise.

The department of health report the highest day of Coronavirus cases, since the reopening of bars. Almost immediately the Florida agency that governs bars, gave out their statement.

They didn’t close bars, but bars are closing, because without selling alcoholic drinks it’s not worth opening. I have to agree with the agency, because what I have seen, very few people are social distance, and certainly not wearing masks when ‘socializing’. That means pubs, nightclubs, and dances.

Hubby and I have social distanced twice when we went dancing. We wouldn’t let anyone sit near us, and we had our masks. People came up to hug us, and I told them ‘No’. I don’t care if they think I am offhand with them. We are both safe, and that is all that matters.

8,942 new cases yesterday, and the majority in the 20 – 35 age group. You know who loves to party. I went shopping this afternoon, and Winn Dixie has a liquor store, next to their supermarket. It was like a trail of ants, the people never stopped walking through those doors, and coming out with cases of beer, and bottles. You can’t stop people drinking, but hopefully they won’t be in groups.



  1. I read the numbers with horror today. 9,000 cases in one day in a state with 21.5 million people. 172 cases in Canada with 37.1 million people and I think that is still too high. This is gonna take a while. Alcohol seems to reduce people’s inhibitions and common sense. You two keep doing what you are doing and stay safe. Allan

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  2. Same here. After my return home I’m in 14 days quarantine at home even when I was tested negative at the airport. But I actually applaud these measures. Some people really dont realize they r casually spreading a disease


  3. when we first went into “stay at home” the local liquor store monitored people going in and out (like other stores). Not such a problem anymore. I hope Colorado can continue to keep #’s low. Yesterday it was 116 new cases.

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  4. You are right to social distance and wear masks. We always do too up here in Ontario. We now have had a real decline in new cases daily. I do not wear a mask at the barn but we all try to maintain social distancing and there are spray bottles of alcohol everywhere to sanitize anything we touch and the boarders have an assigned bathroom different from staff and we also have a wash stall for our horses different from the ones used by the trainer and coach. Stay well Susie. And your Hubby Len too!

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  5. SMiLes Up here
    In The Northern
    Part of The
    State in
    Literal Trump
    Town USA The
    Mayor is Finally
    Putting Up
    The Bars
    For Mandates
    Of Masks For
    To the ChaGrin
    oF iGNoRaNCE
    Here As Social
    Distancing And
    Masks Were
    Not Being
    In Bars
    Even the
    Employees Were
    Coming Down With
    The Disease Sardine
    Packed As Ever
    Had No
    Choice but
    To protect Folks
    From Their Ignorance
    Particularly When
    It Literally
    Kills others
    YeS iN Deed
    Is to
    Blame in
    Killing Fields
    And Without
    Science Minded
    Leaders Death
    Of Real
    Of The
    Are Real
    We Need
    Are Human
    With Souls too
    The Mayor
    Of Trump
    USA And
    Has A SoUL👼
    Thanks Real God!

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  6. Stay safe both of you. My daughters live in Broward County which is one of the worst affected. One is at University, the other at high school and neither has been anywhere hardly since March. It’s hard living so close to the beach, and they both love Disney, but this year is one for staying at home definitely. I worry about them, especially with numbers rising rapidly, and their Mom is a nurse as well.

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  7. Well my husband and I will not be coming this winter. I checked with our travel medical insurance and they will not cover Covid. So that’s that! I am so disappointed as I love going to FL in the winter and I love the horse show season there too. But no insurance means no trip.

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  8. That’s Great.. i Feel the
    Rest of the Intelligent
    World With A Soul
    Will ‘Nudge’ Santis
    In A More ‘Human
    Direction’ And
    Apply A State
    Decree For
    Masks Later
    This Week if Not
    By Monday for
    Basic Sanity
    Of Humanity..:)

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