Gyms are exempt from wearing masks.

That doesn’t stop me at all from wearing one. This morning I got to see, and dance with a lot of my old friends at the Ridge Road gym. Many came in without masks, so I asked at the desk, and was told that they had an exemption.

I kept my mask on while chatting to so many friends that I hadn’t seen since this pandemic started. We had so much to talk about.

Then Tara, our instructor came, and we had a ball. She is very upbeat, and I feel I get more out of her classes than the Zumba Gold ones. I told her how happy I am that she is back. I did most of her online ones, during the stay at home period.

I am really hoping that she will get more morning Zumba classes, as I really need to get back to how I was, when Marlene was there.

Again we talked for another 10 to 15 minutes after class. It actually felt like normal was back, and I am so thankful to her, and my friends.


  1. Masks are the way back to normal Susie. It is to the point I relax when I see someone passing me in a store, if they are wearing a mask. I would still say less than 30% of the people are wearing masks. Pity. Allan

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  2. I’m glad you’re able to exercise again but I agree with the commenter above. We all need to be wearing masks to get the numbers down. Here in Colorado, or at least in my county, we’re pretty good about it. Yes, near the University, not as good, but stores are pretty good about enforcing their use. Enclosed indoor spaces are worrisome, esp a gym where people are breathing hard.

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