Pathetic Manchester United.

Manchester United should have cruised to the next round of the F.A. Cup today. They were playing against the bottom of the Premier League team, Norwich City.

United had most of the play but really didn’t get that many chances, and when they did, Tim Krul was brilliant in goal. At 51 minutes into the match, Ighalo scored for Man U. Norwich were still in the game, and equalized with a blinder from Cantwell, in the 75th minute.

In the closing minute of the match, Klose from Norwich, got a straight red card, just outside the penalty area. Full-time score 1 – 1.

You can’t have a draw when you get to this stage in the tournament, so another 30 minutes to be played. 15 each end. If there is still no winner, it then goes to penalty kicks.

Norwich City worked so hard with 10 men, and finally conceded a goal just before the 120 minutes was up. Maguire won the match for Manchester United.

If I were a player I would take the win, but certainly wouldn’t be happy with the performance.


  1. Very happy Maguire got the winner, I think he is a proper leader. Hopefully they are much much better in the next round!

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