Premier League and F.A. Cup all weekend.

We have had several matches each day, catching up on the Premier League football matches, but this weekend is even more exciting.

The 7.30 match that we are watching is Aston Villa – Wolverhampton Wanders. It’s the 80th minute, and Wolves are 1 up.

Then on both cable television, and ESPN+ Norwich City – Manchester United in the F.A. Cup.

Sunday we start with the Cup matches. At 8 a.m. it’s Sheffield United – Arsenal, then 11 a.m. Leicester – Chelsea, and 1.30 Newcastle United – Manchester City. What an amazing line up. If you would rather, you can watch the 11.30 Watford – Southampton match.

It will be the F.A. Cup matches for me.

Final score Wolves 1 Aston Villi 0.


  1. We have been watching a number of games so far and will be definitely watching Watford vs Southampton as we live in Southampton. Just don’t talk about the Southampton vs Arsenal game the other night, please!

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