Arsenal in semi-final of F.A. Cup.

The match started at 8 a.m. eastern time, so we watched the first half in bed. It looked like Sheffield United were going to take an early lead, but the player was offside. Pepe scored for Arsenal in the 25th minute. It got to the 87th minute, and we are thinking Arsenal are through, but McGoldrick equalized for Sheffiled. We were thinking another match going into extra time, but Cenallos, who had only been on for a short time, scored in added time. Arsenal, and Manchester United are through to the semi-finals.

We then sent up to the gym, where I did all the arm machines, a couple of legs ones, and a back one, that also allowed me to do stomach crunches. It was a great workout, and I am increasing my reps, so very happy with my left wrist.

We got home in time for the second half of the Leicester City – Chelsea match, and the score was 0 – 0. In the 63 minute Barkley scored for Chelsea. A great goal. It is now in the 72nd minute, and I will update you as to the result.

RESULT Leicester city 0 Chelsea 1.

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