Has this pandemic driven you to drink?

I read so many Facebook posts of people drinking at home. A glass of wine, maybe a bottle, or two.

Then after the ban of alcohol in pubs, here in Florida, there were lines outside liquor stores. I have never seen that before.

I know my mother would say to my Dad, ‘You will drive me to drink” when she was mad at him.

So are people really driven to drink, does it make them feel better, or worse? Are they so bored that they automatically reach out for a drink? Does it deaden the pain, anxiety, or fear that they have right now?

Also can they afford it with the jobless, and hunger around us?

So many questions, and I am sure that there are many different answers for each one. All I know is that I would have one social drink if we went dancing once a week. When in Treasure Island, eating out, and one drink a day is my pleasure, as well as the beach.

I do have wine in the house, and perhaps once a week I will pour myself a small glass, in the evening. What are your thoughts on the pandemic, and does alcohol, or food interact with it?



  1. Still the same as before Covid. Weekend typically. Sometimes, it can be tough to know when the weekend is here when you are retired, though. Cheers Susie. Allan

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  2. I drink more frequently now. It has less to do with Covid and more to do with retiring. I am home on my husband’s days off now so I have a drink with him before supper. I think a lot of people have been in a more relaxed mode these days so are apt to do likewise.

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  3. I can’t drink alcohol because of the meds I’m on, but unfortunately, I have been eating more from stress and gaining weight even though I exercise five times per week.

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