My last post has been on, and offline since I wrote it.

I wrote the post on my laptop, and added a photo from the WordPress free ones. It showed up as my ‘Featured image, and looked great. I did all my categories, and tags, previewed it, and was happy with it. When I went to publish, the above screenshot shows that it had failed to publish. No reason why.

I tried many times, and then went to my phone, where the post was. I posted it from my phone. No photo showed up. I hate to keep editing, because my followers may get an alert, and nothing there. I stopped to do dinner.

I came back to my laptop, and took the photo out, that was supposed to be there, and put it back in. This time it worked, but I have lost all my categories, and tags. I am not taking it offline again, but a frustrating 2 hours.

Let’s see if this screenshot I took shows up.


  1. I have had the opposite happen. I write a blog, publish it, go to share it with my husband and it has a random picture that I did not include in it (and is totally irrelevant). It isn’t a big deal as I am not concerned about any of the pictures on my phone but I could be dicey for some people.

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  2. Sorry you have been having problems. My first WordPress blog got taken down for some reason. I don’t know why, they wouldn’t give a reason, and I lost 50+ posts which was really frustrating.
    I decided then to host my own WordPress sites, and although it means a bit more work, if anything happens to them it’s my fault for not keeping them secure, not because someone deleted them.
    Hopefully you can get everything back, it’s hopefully just a glitch.

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