A ghost in the house

Last night hubby and I were relaxing on our reclining love-seat, while watching television. We had the standing lamp on near us, and a small light in the bedroom.

Just like that, the standing lamp went out. First thought a power outage, but the television was still on. Looking through the door, the bedroom light was on. It must be that the bulb had gone in the lamp.

Hubby got up, and I said ‘The bulb will be hot, you need to wait a few minutes. He pressed the button to switch off the light, and it came on!!

What the ……… happened?

Is that scary or what? When I went to bed, I kept looking out to the living room (we have a single story home), and I thought I could see a dim blue light. I got up, and looked around, nothing. I even thought that we may have left the television on, but no. My imagination running wild with me. Finally I did fall asleep.



  1. I always get horrified by this kind of occurrence. I could give my own explanation as to why the lamp went off, just to calm myself. It could be the switch was having a partial contact. But the blue light in addition?..would definitely keep me awake and horrified.

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  2. That is strange indeed. I had the opposite where my lamp light was off and it’s plugged into a outlet strip that goes to a switch on the wall to turn it on. One night around 6:30pm, I was watching TV. It was light out so I didn’t have my lights on. All of a sudden, the lamp switched on and then off. I checked that it was plugged in properly and it was. I got up and turned the switch on the lamp, nothing. I got up and turned the wall switch on and the lamp was off because I had just turned its switch. I went over and turned its switch and it came on. I turned off the wall switch and it went off. But, my husband passed a year ago and instead of being creeped out, I cried and told him hello. Later, I was telling my Mom what happened and she said, “We must have had a visit too.” She went on to explain that they were just returning to their room (they live in Assisted Living) at 6:30pm and my Dad saw a flash of light and asked her about it. She had seen it too. They thought it was something to do with their lamp so she went over and turned its switch and it came on. That’s when I was convinced it was my husband paying both of us a visit. It hasn’t happened again.
    Have you had anyone pass?


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