Produce is hit and miss right now.

Today I went shopping for around a dozen items. I am pleased to say, plenty of milk, so I got 2 gallons. I drink a lot, because I used to have osteoporosis. I also got 2 different kinds of cheese. I picked up croissants for hubby, from the bakery, as he loves them.

I had seen their flyer, and wanted cherries at $3.99 a lb., and I always pick up 3 or 4 bananas. I have half on my cereal, and the other half in my protein shake. They were both out of stock.

I ended up getting hubby a couple of peaches. They are a little on the hard side, but the plums I got on my last visit were too soft. I thought if I can’t have bananas, then strawberries go well with cereal, also for dessert.

I was starving. just an expression, but hungry when I got home. I made a chicken sandwich on wheat bread, and then a strawberry shortcake for me. I took a little of the angel cake that I got for hubby, then opened the strawberries to find them wet. I ended up using over half of them, with a good amount thrown away, then putting paper towels under, and over the top of the remainder. I finished it with a little whipped topping.

Glad to say it tasted good. I will have to finish the strawberries for breakfast tomorrow morning. What is the fruit like where you live?


  1. hit and miss. We always have bananas but I don’t buy many so I’m not a big banana eater. Oranges look bad so I’m buying stone fruits. In August we get our Palisade Peaches! They’re the best (local).I buy Cherries when the price is good. I got them for 99 cents a lb a few weeks ago. Now I try to find them for 2.99


  2. Strawberries have been good here, but imagine they will soon be running out. We had a tough time finding frozen berries in the stores. My wife uses these in her cereal. Apparently some produce crops will be in short supply, due to a shortage of migrant workers in Covid times. If you see it, buy it. Stay well Susie. Allan


  3. Had good bananas, apples and oranges but things like grapes, strawberries and blueberries do seem to be very squishy and unusable, considering the price you’d think they would be edible! 😀

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  4. Hit and miss in the stores but I froze about 20 quarts of strawberries from our patch and we are now picking blue berries. Our sour cherry tree only gave us about a quart of cherries this year so I just made them into juice and added some honey.

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  5. Wonderful as we have so many local market gardens. I buy organic, seasonal and local but because the produce is picked when it’s ripe and is untreated you need to pretty much use it the same day, particularly soft fruits.


  6. In central Ohio, the produce seems okay. My wife and I eat more vegetables than fruit . . . salad, celery, and carrots. She enjoys bananas, but I abstain in order to manage my carbs.

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  7. The fruits here are good, I just peek at them, seldom do I use fresh fruit as I change throughout the weeks so many times except for the blueberries. Blueberries are my fav and I consume both fresh and frozen all others are frozen.


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