Pain bloc24 Pain Pen.

Yes, this is the product I have been using on both my wrists. Obviously for my left one after the fracture, and the right one, because of the titanium plate, steel rod, and 7 screws. Up until this point I had only been using a 3 lb. weight in my left hand, and a 5 lb. in my right.

  • Day 1. Light punching on my small bag.
  • Day 2. 40 minutes on arm, and leg machines.
  • Day 3. 45 minute of Zumba class, and 30 minutes on machines.
  • Day 4. 30 boxing, on the heavy bag. I hadn’t done this since the fracture. 20 minutes on the upside down Bosu Ball.
  • Day 5. I tried Body Pump for the first time. This is lifting weights, and I did 35 minutes of the class. I then did the weight machines.
  • Day 6. 30 minutes of boxing, followed by 20 minutes on the weight machines.
  • Day 7. Full Zumba class, and then increased my weights on the machines. I was pulling 50 lb. with no pain.

I did the list 3 times because of losing blocks, and now save the draft after every line.

So you can see why I love this pen. It gives 24 hour arthritis pain relief. It contains Capsaicin 0.25% topical analgesic. It is odor free, and you can get anywhere you need with the pen. As you use it every 24 hours, it helps the pain even more.

Here is information from their website:

For Hands Down Relief

Precisely Targets Your Pain
  • The only OTC topical, 24-hour arthritis pain reliever*
  • Designed for pain in the hands and small joints related to conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel hand strain
  • PainBloc24® works by deactivating certain nerve fibers that transmit pain signals from the joint to the brain
  • Innovative design allows targeted application
  • Utilizes the non-prescription, maximum allowable level of Capsaicin (0.25%).

*Relief builds to full effect after several days. Use every day as directed.

Arthritis Pain concedes, you proceed
  • PainBloc24®’s pain relief builds and strengthens with use
  • Use this patented proprietary formula for 7 days straight and you can experience arthritis pain relief all month long
  • Within a week of use, the maximum pain-blocking power of PainBloc24®’s capsaicin takes hold, providing its 24-hour relief for the rest of the month

Clinical study of formula conducted in osteoarthritis knee pain.


  1. I have ordered few pieces from Amazon, they don’t ship to Saudi Arabia, thankfully, we’ve got reship! I can’t wait to try this.. thanks for sharing this!


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