Good news at the eye center.

Although we got frustrated with the usual long wait (it’s like a cattle market there), the result was all clear.

Hubby swears that every time they make one of you come back, to get extra money for the co-pay, and insurance payment.

We sat for an hour before he saw anyone. Then had a short eye test.

We then went to the second waiting room. He was called for the photos to be taken. The waiting room again.

Finally the doctor, who read his notes from last month, and spoke about the black hole. He looked at the photos, and then looked into one of hubby’s eyes.

He said that everything looked good, and to come back in a year.

It almost seemed like a letdown. Did he really see something or not? Don’t get me wrong we are delighted with the outcome.

Even though it was another 2 and a half hours hanging around, they did all the safety measures, throughout our time there. We felt safe.

Photo taken prior to Covid-19


  1. That is truly good news,Susie! And I think there is a secret part of the Hippocratic Oath that dictates you must make unreasonable and frustrating waits at any doctor’s office, regardless of the practice, including veterinarians.

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