Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t worried about Florida Covid-19 numbers.

T’his doesn’t help many of my friends that still won’t go to the gym, or shopping for other items, apart from food.

I feel so sorry for the vulnerable, who almost feel imprisoned.

Praying to see a light at the end of the tunnel for them.


  1. Governor DeSantis has fallen in line with his puppet master who is waving the white flag at the pandemic. 32000 new cases of Covid in Florida over the past 72 hours


  2. We all need to be worried. My son said he had a fever yesterday 99.6. And a headache. Keeping my fingers crossed. He’s not a bar hopper or doesn’t go to the gym. He went to the store with a mask and very little else in the last week. I will talk to him later to see how he’s doing. So hard to get a test here.

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  3. The numbers look bad but thankfully, hospitalizations and deaths are trending down in most places in the state. South Florida remains hot. In our area, restaurants are voluntarily closing if their employees test positive.

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  4. We’ll probably not test unless he gets worse. He’s in his rental house. The only issue is his lease is up at the end of the month so I hope he’s okay. So far his symptoms seem mild.


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