Today we will know about hubby’s eye.

This afternoon he goes to the specialist to check out the back of his eye. When he had his eye test a month ago, they dilated his eyes, so couldn’t get a true picture.

I ask you, if you haven’t been having regular checkups, please make an appointment.

Off to the gym first.


  1. Every time I am seen by the ophthalmologist my eyes are super dilated and scanned to check the retina and wall. After two very successful surgeries for viscus tension and macular holes, I still can’t see; by the time the macular wall healed the cataracts formed. Like the joke about the successful surgery complicated by the death of the patient.

    My father-in-law said old age isn’t for the weak.

    All the best to you and hubby.

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .


  2. My husband has had some eye adventures including a detached retina. That was something! but he recovered with much medical help and now the eye is healed.


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