First visit to Bob Evans since the pandemic started.

With Bob Evans the doors open outwards, so you have no choice but to pull the handle. Mental note to wash hands.

We walked to the desk to be seated, and they had hand sanitizer, so we both cleaned our hands. Nice touch.

There were throw away paper menus, that are also your placemat.

Hubby had his favorite bowl of biscuits and gravy, while I had the Country sausage Sample breakfast. We kept out mask on while ordered, and put it to our face, when she came to our table.

Both breakfasts were very tasty, and filling. We were in, and out within 40 minutes. We have breakfast, at lunchtime, for our main meal, and that will keep me going until I have a Greek yogurt in a few hours time.


  1. Glad you got out for a restaurant meal. We have yet to do that, and probably won’t for a while. BTW our Bob Evans closed last year. The building is now some kind of chicken wing place.

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  2. My wife and I made the same choice to forego eating out, even take out. But now that she’s retired, it worked out just fine; she’s doing the cooking now. šŸ™‚

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  3. While we made the eat-at-home decision, I’m glad you’re getting out and enjoying it. Sounds like the places in your area are doing things safely.

    Oh, glad your hubby’s eye appointment went well.

    May our L-RD continue to keep you safe. . .


  4. Iā€™m still hesitant to dine out but have done so a few times. I like places that use the paper menu as placemat. I already had a dislike of reusable menus


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