Did President Trump, at one point say that things would be back to normal by 4th July?

With a reported 3 million Coronavirus cases having been reported in the U.S., and one million cases were in the past month, I somehow don’t think that happened.

The number that is so very sad, and it breaks my heart, is the 130,000 Americans that have died. My prayers go out to all the families that have lost love ones.

My question to you all is, How long do you think it will be until it really is under control, and that we can get back to normal? Will there ever be a ‘normal’?



  1. It’s so politically charged right now. Nightclubs and bars are the cause, and large protests are not? It’s everything or it’s nothing, IMO. Hopefully, a vaccine isn’t too far off and this becomes a distant nightmare.

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  2. Things will go back to normal after the election. My humble opinion is that the longer the Dems can spin this, they think they have a better chance of winning. The numbers are deceiving since more are being tested and there is a lower mortality rate. But you don’t hear that on the MSM news because they won’t say anything positive. The Dems want to take back the White House, even if they have to destroy America as we know it. I would like to hope for a vaccine for those of us like me who are very vulnerable, but even I plan to start going out in August to my appointments and such and I am planning a trip to visit grandchildren in the fall. Normal is what you make it. If I have to wear a mask, I will, but I want to start living a regular life again. For four months, I have only gone to the grocery story and had them load my groceries in the back, picked up mail at the post office and home again. My husband is here with me, but no other human contact. I think that this needs to end, but I also know that the Dems will continue to hype hysteria for as long as possible. Yes, there are millions with the virus. The CDC estimated that 35 million people had the flu last year. 35 million! Up to 60,000 died. So, this pandemic is worse, but it won’t destroy us unless we roll over and let it.

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  3. We have no leadership on this issue, which is sad and terrifying. I thought my governor (Newsom) was doing okay, but even he caved to the pressure. Numbers are going up alarmingly ~ I don’t mean new cases from more testing (expected), but hospitals being pushed to capacity because of actual sick ppl who have caught the virus and aren’t doing well

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  4. Yeah, well, he says a lot of things doesn’t he? None of which have any basis in reality this side of woo-woo-land.

    Under control? perhaps this time next year, when any decent vaccines have had enough time to be trialed properly and shifted into large-scale, and I do mean large, mass-production … and that it’s free for everyone, everywhere, all over the planet. The trouble is every day we’re learning more about the damage the virus can do to the human body even if it does survive the initial onslaught.

    Back to ‘normal’? – never. What the pandemic has done is rip the scab off of all the unsavoury aspects of human behaviour that have been conveniently covered-up, forgotten, glossed-over, deliberately ignored, or ‘encouraged’ with malice and forethought. There aren’t enough good people doing good things to counter that much momentum … I don’t know what the new ‘normal’ will look like, and even though from a distance it might look like the old one, I have a little bot of hope it will be a better one, but it’s just a little bit of hope.

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  5. Smiles.. Other Civilized Countries Have the Virus Under Control simply By
    Following Science instead
    Of Trump; His Minions;
    And His Propaganda Fox Channel In His ‘Alex Jones World’…. Give it About A Year For Repair After
    Banana Republic
    Third World
    Change of Sanity…
    We Have Much Bigger
    Long Term Problems
    ‘We The People’
    In Trump
    Bates Roach Motels
    Anyway as Dramatic
    As Genocide of Vulnerable
    Demanding Schools Open
    Up When ICU Beds are
    Filling Up in Epicenter
    Hot Spot Way Sadly
    Start Digging
    Graves Ahead
    Of Death as Leaders
    Without Empathy
    Of Soul
    Seeing Now Sold

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  6. I am Canadian so I am seeing things from the outside. I think the real tragedy here is that the virus had become a political ball game in the US. What was needed from the start of the pandemic was leadership that accepted the fact that this was a serious health issue and came up with a plan of action. It is not about who is right or left or in the middle. In Ontario we have been testing up to 30,000 people a day and we have new cases below 200 daily and last weekend one day with no new cases. The rise in numbers is not just because more testing is being done. Our numbers are a proof of that. This pandemic is here to stay until we get an effective and safe vaccine. That is a long way off despite the massive research and efforts scientists are putting in. The testing process on humans is a lengthy one. Anyone who says otherwise is deluded.

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  7. My husband and I were just talking about this today. I see no end in sight. We need good leadership at the top and that means leading my example, wearing a mask. I so miss traveling. My MIL in China had a stroke and my husband cannot go see her. Right now I wish my grandparents hadn’t immigrated from Canada (well, technically, they immigrated from England, but their first stop was Canada).

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  8. I’m here in Florida, too, Susie. Our governor doesn’t have a clue!! I think we are down for the count until 2021. If it takes that long to figure out our new normal, I am OK with that. I am also OK with Biden winning by a landslide!!! You and hubby take care.

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  9. I know what you are going through. The first 24 years in Florida I went to England every year. Then hubby had the cerebral hemorrhage and brain tumor, and I haven’t been back since.


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