Premier League Football matches, one after another.

After going 3 months or more without watching any Premier League Foosball, we are getting as many as 5 matches in a day. It is great, but I have errands to run, a home to take care of, and cooking meals. If I miss one, there are always the highlights of matches, between the games, and at the end of transmission.

  • Tottenham 1 Everton 0.
  • Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 3.
  • Watford 2 Norwich 1.
  • Arsenal 1 Leicester 1.
  • Manchester City 5 Newcastle .
  • #Sheffield Unt 1 Wolves 0.
  • West Ham 0 Burnley 1.
  • Brighton/Hove 1 Liverpool 3.

Chelsea are now in 3rd place, and Leicester down to 4th. Sheffield United are in 7th, just 1 point below Wolverhampton Wanderers. Arsenal went down to 8th, and Tottenham to 10th. Burnley have moved up to 9th, and Southampton to 12th. The 3 bottom teams are Aston Villa, Bournemouth, and Norwich.

With Liverpool winners of the league, it is now waiting to see who gets into the top 4, to play European football next season.


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