Don’t you just love Amazon drivers.

Amazon ask you where you want your deliveries put, and I have it in a dry, safe place.

One out of 5 deliveries place it there. All the rest put in on the mat in front of the front door, against the screen door, and today the driver opened the screen door and put a huge box between the 2 doors. How stupid is that.

It was raining on and off which didn’t help. They leave a picture for me, and I have to rate it ‘Great or Not’. When I click on not, a list comes up, and I check ‘Not followed instructions’. I am then asked if I want to update them!

Another reason why I can’t get food items from them is, that the front faces south, so Florida sunshine all day long.


  1. I live in a gated community and there is an Amazon hub. My orders go into a locker and then I am notified by email and a cell phone message, The lockers are situated in an air-conditioned room with key access only. It’s a godsend.

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  2. Gotta a laugh. UPS puts boxes in plastic when it’s raining. Amazon Prime: Rain? No problem. Isn’t that what the cardboard is for?

    I recently, just for fun, activated Key to allow Amazon to deliver inside the garage. Although I wouldn’t routinely do so, it worked. Drivers must put packages inside garage, no farther than 3 feet. When rains come again, may consider using this service.

    I’m with you on groceries through Amazon. Even if home, I’d wonder if the truck was actually refigerated and kept cold.

    L-RD Bless your weekend.

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  3. I’ve had some real bloopers with my Amazon orders lately, though i have to say I’ve never seen an actual Amazon delivery truck, it’s always one of the other brands, or finished by the Post Office. My last couple of deliveries, they have put them by the door at the back of the house, instead of the one everyone uses at the front, where the driveway comes to haha. So odd! It took us a while to find those since they’d never done that before. We also had some delivered to our mailbox and left there. We live way up the side of a mountain with woods between the house and the road where the mailbox is, so we can’t see it at all. Well, needless to say, my order was stolen that day, since it was just sitting there by the post, and the coiled garden hose and other items were just too tempting since they wouldn’t fit in the mailbox, which is where it said they were left. I got that practice stopped.

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  4. My mother was Welsh. I was raised on Fruit & Nut Cadbury bars, and a lot of other British things. It wasn’t long ago I could find them at Publix. Now the only ones are not “real” Cadbury, but from some place called New York–Nestles or Hersey licensed Cadbury for US distribution. They are NOT the same at all.

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