Where were Liverpool and Chelsea today?

They certainly didn’t bring their winning spirit to the Premier League today.

We started at 7.30 with Norwich (20th/bottom of the league) loosing 4 – 0 to West Ham (16th). At the same time Watford (17th position), beat Newcastle (13th) 2 – 1.

We missed the first half of the 10 a.m. match,between winners of the league Liverpool and Burnley (10th) . To our amazement it ended up being a 1 – 1 draw, and it was being played on the Liverpool ground. Burnley moved up to 9th in the league, overtaking Tottenham, but Spurs have a match in hand, playing Arsenal tomorrow.

The reason we didn’t see all of the match was that we went to the gym. I worked on arm machines, and did the Zumba class.

The match that blows my mind is Sheffield United (7th) against Chelsea (3rd). Chelsea lost 3 – 0 to Sheffield, so they go up to 6th place, until Wolverhampton Wanderers play tomorrow. It looks like Chelsea are throwing away their chance of European football next season.

The 3 p.m. match, which is 22 minutes in, is Brighton & Hove Albion playing against Manchester City. It doesn’t look like this one will be a surprise result, as City are already beating Brighton 1 – 0. If this stands, neither team will change their positions in the Premier League.



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