Florida reported 15,299 confirmed Coronavirus cases today.

The previous high number was 11,458. and it is the largest number from any state. The total cases is 269,800, and unfortunately 4,200 deaths. Because the newer cases are in a younger age bracket, it means fewer deaths, but if they are in contact with parents/grandparents. it can be passed on to the more vulnerable population.

It has been reported, that it has put pressure on the hospitals, in the Miami-Dade County.

My thoughts are: How can schools open next month, where social distancing will be difficult to control? The kids may get it, and bring it home to the rest of the family, and our numbers would continue to soar.

I have my visit to the dermatologist tomorrow afternoon. Hubby wanted to come, but there is no way I am having him be in a doctor’s waiting room, when he doesn’t have to be. I am hoping this will be an easy one.



  1. We are heading in the wrong direction and I point the finger directly at an incompetent president with his personal agenda and a sycophant Governor sacrificing the citizens of Fl to ride the coattails of the President. The threat by Trump’s Secretary of Education DeVos to defund schools if they are not opened in August is an example of cruel disregard for children and our teachers. Many children are tended by grandparents after school. These so called leaders are unfit for office.

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  2. This is catastrophic. I’m in medicine and I feel that those that are not directly or even indirectly involved with COVID, and if they have had no personal experiences, or deaths in anyone they know, they have removed themselves and refuse to comprehend the gravity of this situation or blow it off altogether. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but bottom line is -this isn’t going away anytime soon.
    I’ve worked in the COVID works since mid Feb. in California. In Arizona, on the front lines and currently in Alaska.
    But hey!! Disney world opened in Florida this week! Hurray!!

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  3. Nobody should be bullied into opening schools when cases are out of control. We all know how infections in all diseases spike once school is back in. Stay with on line until people get it and this is under control. Presidential optics be damned.

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  4. They need to shut down and stop pushing for a economy when lives are being lost, America has no leadership and Florida has a corrupt governor, thoughts and prayers are with you and the state

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  5. I have now read all the comments on this, and I can only say how sorry I am for all of you. Here in Europe there are also many people pushing for reopening and kids back to school and that is also not a good thing!

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  6. We are having a very similar problem here in Georgia. The latest numbers at 3pm are showing 3054 deaths, which is 28 more than the previous day. There have been 123, 963 cases confirmed in Georgia, an increase of 3394 from the previous day. Over the last 14 days, the increase was 3048. Over the previous 14 day period, the average daily increase in newly confirmed cases was 1587. There have been 13,685 total patients hospitalized in Georgia in the pandemic, an increase of 209 from the previous day.

    The numbers are obviously all going in the wrong direction, and we are at the same crossroads as Florida, with parents and teachers trying to decide what to do. If I had school age kids, I sure wouldn’t want them going back to the classroom, not with this rise in numbers going on. Georgia was the first to begin reopening, and I believe it was too soon. Many small businesses waited I think, like restaurants especially. The mayor of Atlanta and her husband both have tested positive for Covid. We sure need to get this under control before thinking about putting kids at risk while parents are working from home.

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