My brother and his wife visited the town were we were born.

That is where Mum and Dad have their ashes. She didn’t post photos of the crematorium on Facebook, but I know that on special occasions they often go. July 12th was Mum’s birthday. She just let me know they were meeting family halfway, so didn’t have time, but will be going on Dad’s birthday, next month.

I loved seeing the photos of the river walk, and it brought back good memories. After going back 24 years straight, I had to stop when hubby had a cerebral hemorrhage, and benign brain tumor. Not that Covid-19 would let me anyway.

Photo taken by my sister in law, although I have many real photos of this spot.


  1. I know someone who has to go back for a funeral. Apparently the UK requires travelers to register where they will be staying during 14-day quarantine and then the NHS can do a random check to make sure they are complying. Anyhow, I did get a credit on my credit card from Norwegian (yay!!) but now I’m just waiting for Easy Jet. I need to check to see if the flight is still operating. (Gatwick-Barcelona)

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  2. Susie – that’s totally wrong. I was very pleased in the end with Norwegian. They did the right thing. I just called my Credit Card company. The dispute office was closed but in talking to Customer Service I should be eligible for refund from EasyJet. It’s not as much as the Norwegian charge back but every penny counts.

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  3. I miss England oh so very much. I had planned on helping my parents take one last trip home (they are 79 this year) but sadly, had to cancel. We FaceTime family every weekend, but I fear we may not have the opportunity. Thanks COVID.

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