Basal cell cancer taken care of.

A year ago when I went back to the dermatologist, I had a horrendous surgery from my nose down into my mouth. 6 months ago is was a second visit just to look at my wrist, and say that he would keep an eye on it. I am sure it’s money orientated.

This time I had 2 biopsies, and got a phone call to say that I had cancer on the inner part of my right leg. This afternoon I went back, and all he did was freeze it. He had frozen 4 on hubby when we went 3 weeks ago. Again, I wonder whether it is money related, because they got another co-pay, and are billing my insurance.

I am glad it was nothing serious, but this could be a con. Who knows?


  1. I can’t comment on the financial side of this as up here we have a different health care system. But if you are not comfortable with what has been done then get a second opinion. I have had two melanomas on my lower legs. I know melanoma can go into kidneys and internal organs and end up killing you. With both of them I had to insist on getting a biopsy. I was glad I did. After the second one I left that dermatologist and went to another one. She is very thorough and even in the full lockdown did a biopsy of a small spot on my leg. It was not melanoma, whew, and she called me right away to tell me. So if you are not confident that what is being done it the right thing then ask for another opinion.

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  2. I agree with Anne as well. A second opinion is a good thing to have given the possible ramifications (financial or medical) given the entirety of the situation.

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