I love and hate WordPress.

This morning I had time to read my followers posts, while having breakfast. I clicked on the Reader, and started looking at posts. I got to 22 minutes, and then it went to 11 hours. This is so infuriating, because I have certain times of the days when I can do it.

Now I have to go to my emails, and open up the ones I want to read. This takes so much longer. So if I don’t get to your early posts today, I hope you understand.

Time to get ready to go the gym for Zumba, and Silver Sneakers for hubby.



  1. Oh Goodness!!! You can take me (and very likely everyone else!!!) right off Your worry list if I’m on there!!! I love that You visit my blog and I totally get it about time and how things on WordPress can be a bit messed up now and again! I hope You had a great workout! You remain a huge inspiration for me. Cheers and Thank You!!!

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  2. Susie I has issues earlier in the past week. Wanted me to sign on, change my password. Ran me on a merry chase. I finally had to reboot my entire system. I have the same love hate feelings at times myself.

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