This was the first Zumba class of the day.

This was my first Zumba class today. As you can see our instructor had a mask on, due to her health issues. From there I did weight machines, and then walking, with short spurts of running every 5 minutes. By this time hubby had finished his Silver Sneakers class.

Tonight were my crazy, funny, creative teachers doing Zumba. I can never attend these evening ones in person, but so enjoyed it from home.

Almost 3 hours of working out today. BTW it’s Zumba class at 10.30 tomorrow with Tara, who is another instructor that I adore.


  1. There were only 5 in the class so we really spread out. Only had our masks on when we went in, and came out. When in the main area on machines I only wear it if someone gets close to me. I have to deep breathe.

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