Celebrating the 2 London teams at Ruby Tuesdays

I had a B.O.G.F. at Ruby Tuesdays for today. I can’t remember the last time we could celebrate hubby’s team winning yesterday, and another London team today. So I suggested at the end of the match to eat out. 10 minutes before we left the heaven’s opened, and the rain was torrential. By the end of the game, it had stopped.

We were dry when we arrived. We ordered waters, and both the Shrimp pasta, as it is my favorite, and on the limited menu, hubby’s too. I also had the salad bar, and loaded my plate with mainly protein. When I got back, I thought ‘Why not have a drink to celebrate’. We are not drinkers.

I took the photo of hubby. He took the one of me.

Mine was upside down so I rotated it.

It looked fine until…..

I put it into this gallery.

So I had the day’s special, a glass of Sangria.

Just before we were ready to leave we had a thunder and lightening storm. It was really intense, so we hung around for 15 minutes for it to pass.

Home now, and very content.

BTW I have all my dinner for tomorrow, and half of hubby’s. I will share it out equally between us.



  1. Good to have a bit of a celebration. My son is happy that Leeds has won and is back into the Premiership. He has been a Leeds fan since he went to England in 2004.That was also the year Leeds did badly and were relegated down. So he has stuck with them through thick and thin!

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