Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap.

I have been using the products that I received from Grove Collaborative. Some were free as it was my first order, and some I paid for.

I have been using the Mrs Meyer’s Hand Soap for a few days now, and as with everyone else, far more than I used it. I am pleased to say that a little goes a long way, so it is very economical.

It is made with olive oil, and aloe vera. The size of the pump bottle is 12.5 fl. oz. It has a pleasing smell.

From their website:-

If anyone knows how to get rid of filth and grime, it’s definitely a mother of nine. This Mrs. Meyer’s soap is a healthy-home must-have for anyone looking for cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free soap to scrub away dirt and germs. Plus, it’ll leave your hands feeling super hydrated, instead of desert-like dry.

Made in the USA

Mrs. Meyer’s products are made right here in the US, and the scents — like rain water, basil, and honeysuckle — are all inspired by a Midwestern backyard garden.

Can you use Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap as body wash?

You can, but wouldn’t you rather use something specifically designed with your body in mind? Mrs. Meyer’s makes great bar soaps and body washes, too.

Is Mrs. Meyer’s gel hand soap antibacterial?

Mrs. Meyer’s gel hand soap isn’t formulated with antibacterial ingredients, but the FDA states that regular soap and water are just as effective at preventing illness.

You’re in great hands with Mrs. Meyer’s

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day hand soap is the perfect addition for bathrooms, kitchens, or any room where hand washing happens. Plus, this soap’s 12.5 fluid–ounce squirt bottle is refillable — here at Grove, we never refuse to reuse.

Looking for other ways to stay germ-free and keep your home protected? Shop Grove’s selection of hand sanitizershand soaps, and multi-surface cleaners. And don’t miss our special staying healthy at home assortment, hand-picked by the Grove team.

If you are interested please use my link to get your free products with a small purchase.


  1. We have been using Mrs. Meyer’s products for decades, happily so, especially the dish soaps. They rarely come out with a scent that I don’t care for, and two of my faves are “Acorn Spice” and “Cranberry”, although those usually only show up in stores in the Fall. (So we stock up, of course.) And the jar candles? They only cost about four bucks (around here, anyway) but they last a surprising amount of time and the scent is solid without being overpowering.

    And no, I don’t work for them. I just really appreciate a company that puts out a quality “clean” product that is well worth the money…

    And now I’ll end this commercial and let you get back to your regularly-scheduled programming… 😉

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