I wanted to reblog this post from 4 years ago, but WordPress won’t let me.

Last week I was looking back at my early work here, and found a post that I thought worthy of reblogging. So today I did the same, but another glitch must be happening. It wouldn’t let me, so I went to the good old copy, and paste.

I chose this one, because with the Covid-19 pandemic, our local Eagles Club is closed. Hubby and I paid our years membership dues in May, but I know so many people that haven’t. As the Eagles does so much charity work, I am praying that they can get through this troublesome time.

‘Volunteering is part of my life.

Len and I have been members of the Eagle’s for 10 years or more.  The F.O.E. are a charitable organization.  We are social with dinner, dances, and lots of activities.  This allows us to give to 13 National charities, and lots of local ones.

On a Thursday it is buffet night.  For at least 5 years, I was on the cash register, and then one afternoon a server was a no show, I served the food with a dear friend of mine.  Since then I arrive at 2.30 to set up, and we finish up, around 7 – 7.30 p.m.

I love doing this, and as everything we do helps towards the charities, I love giving my time.’



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