Hubby got food poisoning.

He had set his heart on going to this particular bar, and grill, on a recommendation. As mentioned in my last post, he had the beer batter fish and chips. It came with tartar sauce. I had malt vinegar on mine. He smothered his in the sauce.

At the time he enjoyed it, and I thought it to be okay.

2 hours ago, which is 4 hours after he had the meal, he was violently sick, and had diarrhea. Not to be crude, but it was like water from the rear end, and pieces of the fish from the vomiting. It finally stopped about 20 minutes ago, and he has collapsed in his recliner fast asleep.

He had insisted on going to a bar, which isn’t my scene, and we were the only ones eating, so thought we would be safe. We sure as hell, will not be going back.


  1. Yikes. Given current conditions, restaurants need to do a better job, if they want to stay in business. As one who has had food poisoning, I would not wish it on anyone. Hope he is better soon, Susie. Allan

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  2. watch his blood sugar! I’m sure you know this. Yeah, I love tartar sauce but I don’t trust bar food. A lot of them don’t follow good food safety rules

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  3. Not, a happy return!

    F.p. or nasty meds and or suppliments reactions…. I don’t always know. I do know this though, metformin and too much sugar is the rest of the day with the….happy returns….in the commode. Too much oil or sugar with the dietary suppliment MSM is it just slides through! Yucky a subject as it is, I hope the mention is duplicatably accurate for you as it eliminates this fun.

    Hope all are soon well

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  4. Dear Susie,

    I do hope you phoned the restaurant and told them. It might have been the fish or even the Tartar sauce. which could be bought from a supplier or made in house. Either is fine as long as they are stored properly and not left out in a hot kitchen. I suspect it may have been the Tartar sauce since you made a point of saying your hubby smothered his fish in the sauce.

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  5. The hygeine is the most important factor that we have to keep in mind when we go out to eat. I have had similar experiences in the recent past and i know how bad it is to have food poisoning. It drains the body out of all energy and other nutrients. I hope he is doing better now.
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