The last of the cherries.

Hubby and I have been enjoying cherries for the past month. When they were first out I paid $4.99 lb, for them, then they went down to $3.99, $2.99 and last week $1.99.

I went into Winn Dixie today, and their cherries didn’t look that good, and were $3.99 lb. I still had to pop into Save a lot, so didn’t buy there.

Save a lot’s price 99 cents a lb., and the majority of them look great. I am going to tip them all out on paper towel, and if any look dodgy, I will throw them out. If we don’t get to eat them all, over 4 lbs., I will either freeze some, make a big pie, or even make jam.

I love it when I get a bargain.


  1. Sweet cherries are definitely my downfall. It’s probably good that it’s only a short season or I’d eat them every single day until I was sick of them and ruined it for myself. A bargain is nice for sure.

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  2. wow! 99 a lb is a steal. If some look bad, so what. At that price you can afford to toss them. I’m starting to see roadside stands for Palisade Peaches (Colorado grown). I’ll buy them next week as we’re camping over the weekend.

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  3. I made cherry coffee today and a first in lattes memories is a black forest latte which is puree cherry of the blend marischino with syrup some…and put choc syrup in coffee..there are choc syrup that are calories lite and not much cherry is used even if sugary. That with sweetened shaken milk for foam if you’ve no coffee hut to make it steamed which is better… A black forest latte

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  4. I just found out many claimed physical benefits cherries give to the body. If true, I should have been adding them to my smoothies years ago. Keep eating them over there & preserving them for jam is awesome.

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  5. I love fresh cherries, too. The first of the season they are quite expensive, but I get them anyway. Then for awhile we couldn’t get any at the store, so it’s been awhile. 🙂

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