Hubby is using Pain Bloc 24 on his back.

After falling in love with the Pain Bloc 24 pen, that I use on my wrists, I haven’t had ANY PAIN at all, on my right wrist that was broken twice, and my right wrist that is still mending from a fracture. I contacted the company to say how pleased I was with their product.

Yesterday I received the Pain Bloc 24 roll on for larger areas. My husband hasn’t been able to stand up straight, due to pain in the lower back, and also the middle. I immediately applied the Pain Bloc 24 to these areas. He felt the heat from the Capsaicin immediately, and no pain. It lasted the full 24 hours, and I am applying a second application shortly.

He just cannot believe that he is pain free. I told him that each day the relief builds up, and he can’t imagine it to be better than what it is. I rarely praise a product like this, but it is working great for my wrists, and hubby is over the moon with the relief of the pain in his back. This is no bullshit, as many people write a good review, because they got it free.

This it 100% HONEST. You can get it in pharmacies, and Amazon. I am putting a link in for Walgreens, but it is cheaper at Amazon. Just trying to spread the money locally.


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