Starbucks Rewards. Have you joined yet?

If you haven’t joined yet, you really need to, and no, you don’t have to be a regular customer. I like a brewed coffee with caramel syrup once a week. I rarely pay for it, or full price.

Today I went into my local store at the corner of Gulf Blvd, and US 19. The Manager, who I have known for may years greeted me, with a lovely smile, and using my name. She remembered that I teach boxing, and asked about it. (Don’t you feel welcome}.

I asked to put money on my app (or card). By putting $20 on it, I got 25 stars. This is enough for half a Venti (large) coffee. I then used stars that I already had to order the Venti decaf coffee with caramel. This took 50 stars for the coffee, and 25 for the syrup. I also asked if I could have a free refill at the same time, as there is still no seating, so you can’t drink one, and take one home. She was happy to do this.

Starbucks Summer Game is running now, and you can play twice a day without even buying anything. I have already won either a Cold Brew or Iced Coffee, any size to be used by November 5th. I have also won 2 lots of 10 stars.

So you see in the past week I have gathered a free drink, 45 stars, and got my 2 large coffees today, that will last me all week. I put them in the fridge, and add milk to them, and either have them hot or cold.

They have B.O.G.O.F. offers for rewards customers, also double stars days, and a free drink on your birthday. I bet you are interested now.

With Dunkin Donuts closing 800 stores, maybe it’s time to change to Starbucks.


  1. I joined… Makes sheeople face 🙂

    I ordered my new guinea something and looked the directions to …that store… Got there and as expected they don’t sell that one….shhh I got anniversary blend at double the amount… I had debated whether I’d tip for take home coffee before going tip prior to experience… And I’m like tip.. t.i.p. to improve service. I be was glad I did.

    I’m not overly sure I’m enthused about the lesser experience covid gives but this is our choice…when so many places won’t make it,. I’m choosing coffee

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  2. I can see the allure but……coffee in our local bars is both better and cheaper, stars or no stars. Plus, thankfully, we have very few Starbucks.


  3. My daughter and I have been talking about Starbucks as she joined and only goes once a week. I didn’t realize all they offer as I would only go once a week too. And I will do like you, buy Venti and what I can’t finish I’ll put in fridge for next day, I love cold brews too. 😉 Thanks for sharing! ❤️

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