Lazy start to Sunday

Since the pandemic started we have been getting up later every day. On Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays either we both have gym classes, or I do. So Tuesday and Sunday mornings we can take out time.

I did get up just after 8 this morning, but had a long shower, washing my hair, and pampering myself. We have just had breakfast with my first coffee of the day. I plan on having a second cup, and then getting ready for the gym.

Today, as this gym doesn’t have a working boxing bag, I think I will be doing weight machines, and also with a bar. I am feeling more confident with my wrist now.

From there we will do a little food shopping, hubby wants some no sugar added apple pies, and I will make a list of other items, and then we will eat out. The rest of the day will be, here on WordPress, and doing a few jobs around the house. I also have the minutes of the timeshare meeting to do.

I love Sundays, what about you?


  1. A more relaxed start to the day is lovely but, it’s been hot and humid here of late, hence an early start for our weekend rides before it’s too hot, followed by a lazy brunch, watching sport and later cocktails on the terrace. Lazy, but lovely.

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  2. My Sunday’s fluctuate with my energy, workout program and this dang weather. But 11 AM we watch streamed Mass, that’s a given

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