3 hours on Facebook Messenger, and Amazon.

I get weeks when I get very few discounted, or free products less PayPal fees, online. However, everyone seems to want to promote their products today. I believe that even though people are buying more online, due to Covid-19, the items they are buying are essential ones.

I get sellers that just want me to buy the product, no strings attached. Sellers that ask for me to do Seller Feedback on their product. This is not a review, so they are not buying my services.

Yes, you will see the occasional review of a product here, but I am totally honest in what I write. The pain bloc 24 that was sent to me, and no it wasn’t bought from Amazon, proved to be the BEST PRODUCT I have ever received, and that is why I wrote about it. Hubby was slightly bent over with back pain. After 3 or 4 days of using it, he is loving it. From day 1 he got total relief, and it’s been the same with me, and the pain bloc 24 pen. Both my wrists, one broken twice over the years, and the other being the recent fracture, have no pain what so ever.

Today I have had several sellers on, and many I say No to, as it’s something I wouldn’t use, or don’t like. Others want a review on Amazon, that I do not do, but if they want an honest review here, and it’s something like my new leggings, I will say Yes.


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